“I Belong on This Side Now” Video Now on YouTube

AlsTunes used Final Cut Studio to put together this visual interpretation of “I Belong on This Side Now” from the Amy Holloway CD, featuring stock photos from the U. S. Army:

Thank You Troops

We think Amy’s haunting vocal performance works pretty well with these images.

Amy Holloway CD “Find My Own Way”

In February of 2006 I released my first CD, “Find My Own Way”, with Bay Area vocalist Amy Holloway. This full-length CD features 11 of my compositions, which I wrote specifically for Amy’s sweet pop voice. It’s selling on iTunes, cdbaby.com, and amazon.com.


I started working with Amy in 2001, when one of the local rappers that I was recording brought her over to what would become AlsTunes studio to sing a few hooks. After I heard that wonderful voice, I started writing songs for her. By late 2005, we had 15 tracks, and we picked the best 11 for the CD.

I hope the publicity push for the May 2008 release of Rachel’s CD also brings attention to Amy’s CD. They are both gifted artists who deserve a lot of success,