West Coast Songwriters Conference 2008

The West Coast Songwriters organization has for many years been a source of guidance and inspiration for me and for many other local songwriters. At this years conference, AlsTunes had the opportunity to meet CD Baby founder and industry legend Derek Sivers (who, it turns out, is a fan of web programming language PHP, and who has some opinions about Ruby on Rails, which we will surely discuss further in the future). 

AlsTunes received some encouraging words and insightful advice from LA-based producer Jason Brawner, and also movie music supervisor Marcus Barone, who is gathering songs for an upcoming Sony Pictures project. Stay tuned for updates!

“I Belong on This Side Now” Video Now on YouTube

AlsTunes used Final Cut Studio to put together this visual interpretation of “I Belong on This Side Now” from the Amy Holloway CD, featuring stock photos from the U. S. Army:

Thank You Troops

We think Amy’s haunting vocal performance works pretty well with these images.

“Tell Me You Love Me” Video Now on YouTube

Rachel’s live performance of her original song “Tell Me You Love Me”  at last May’s vocal showcase, supported by yours truly on the guitar, is now available on YouTube:

Tell Me You Love Me

Thanks to Rachel’s dad for shooting the video. I used Final Cut Studio to add a few titles and tack on a small trailer. Enjoy!